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Minnesota Indian Children need your help now!

“There is no resource that is more vital to the continued existence and integrity of Indian tribes than their children …”

The ICWA Law Center is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) funded by Indian Tribes, Private Foundations, Local Law Firms, State & Federal Government Programs and by Individuals like you. Indian Families that are most in need or our services are least able to pay for them. In the past, funding has been limited and demand for services high. Resources for families have been greatly compromised as a direct result of our current economic climate.

Or, make your check payable to:

ICWA Law Center

Suite 104
1730 Clifton Place
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Your donation is tax deductible. When you mail or hand deliver your donation directly to the ICWA Law Center 100% of your donation goes towards support of Indian Children who need your help now more than ever. You will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.

If you have any questions about our mission or would like to visit the ICWA Law Center to make your donation please call our Executive Director, Shannon Smith at 612-879-9165 and ask for extension 206.

Your name, address or e-mail will not be shared with anyone else.